Tahoe Rim Trail  -  August 2002

(Started out to be 10 day loop, but I got an upset stomach and had to quit on day 5.)  We started in Tahoe City and headed South.
Shot with new Apitek MegaCam 1.3 (most shots in low res mode).
Oregon forest fire has the air hazy and brown.

Our first stop for water.  upper ward creek near page meadows.  Paul, my hiking friend.
(I soon learned how to hold the camera more still when shooting.  I think I jiggled this one a bit.)


Our first camp where the trail turns off from ward creek.  A dusk shot.  I had to adjust the intensity of this with MS Photo editor to get it this good.


Headed up the first ridge.  McCloud falls, upper ward creek



Our destiny for the next few days.  Looking south.


Shot from near summit of twin peaks looking North.


Careful with the focus.  Some high mountain flowers.


A shot using of Paul and me using the self timer.  (Manual says its 10 seconds, but I think its more like 6).  Put camera on a rock.



Looking back at twin peaks.


Barker pass looking south.






Best to shoot with sun at your back.  Really hi contrast images wash out like this.
This was our first (and nearly the last) view of Tahoe Lake from the West rim..


Dinner site.   Richardson lake.  1/2 day south of barker pass.


Camp site for day 2.


In Desolation wilderness.



Middle Velma Lake where we took a swim.  Others were there skinny dipping too.



Nice spot for a swim? ..


Dicks lake.  (What a name).  Dicks pass behind it.  (Dicks peak to right off screen.)


Me, via a passer by.  (Dicks peak behind tree to right.)


On way towards pass.


Dicks peak.


Finally at top of Dick pass.  Dicks peak on left.  Glad that's not our destination today.  Stomach bothering me.


Three photos of same scene follow for comparison...  Looking south from Dicks peak.
 (Next photo is same, but in hi-res mode for comparision.)



Hi-res photo, resized to 50% with MS Photo Editor.
Look at how much sharper this is than the lo-res photo of the same scene!





Lake Aloha in far right.


Nice ridge down back side of dicks pass.



Huge junipers.


A small black mirror lake.


Gilmore lake.  (Below and to the East of Aloha lake.)



Lake Aloha.  Greeted by lots of other skinny dippers at North end of lake.  Took nice swim.
But watch out for the altitude.  It leaft me breathless 50 yards from shore.  What I thought was a
reasonable distance to swim became a real workout.


Day 5 after crossing highway 50.


Benwood meadow


Showers lake.


No photos from here to highway.  I was feeling ill and had to cut trip short.  It happens.